Shopify: Get all product images
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Shopify: Get all product images

Shopify: Get all product images
Photo by Alex Kulikov / Unsplash

When you are in need to get all the available product images, you will come to notice that there is no easy way to export. There is a file explorer, but this is only for general images, for example your hero image, or blog posts.

But how?

Export all the available products, you'll receive an csv file, where there will be a column where the images source is displayed.

You could enter these inside your browser, and download them all one by one, but if you have 1000+ images, that would be hell.


Using Ubuntu wget command, it's that simple!

For people using windows, there is a official Microsoft app available.

Create a plain txt file, where you paste all the links from the csv, Image Src column.

Create a folder inside your home

mkdir shopify

Move the file inside your newly created folder, after that use the following command to download all the files.

wget -i plain.txt

Depending on the file size, and the amount of images, this could take a while, after this you could do whatever your like, for example create a .zip